About Me & My Bands

The Idea

When my husband bought my Apple Watch for me for Mother’s Day, I immediately knew that the sport band was NOT my style. It was rubbery, and sticky and I could not get used to wearing it. I almost returned my watch just because of the band! I’ve always been a little crafty, so I set my sights to make my own. The next thing I knew, my friends were having me make bands for their Apple Watch, and then friends of friends were requesting bands from me. I knew I was on to something!

The Adapter Is Important

In developing my prototypes for bands, I quickly learned that the type of adapter used is very important. The more research and “wear-tests” I did, the more I found that the band is of no use to you if it's not attached with a quality well-made adapter. There are two types: the type that screws in, and the type that uses a spring bar. The spring bar type adapters have less chances of failing, based on the two connection points. The screw-in adapters have three points of connection, or rather, three points of error. The screws also tend to strip and render the adapter useless.


One of a Kind, Just like You

I wear-test every band and put each of my pieces through rigorous wear and tear before it ever makes it to market. They are made with top of the line stainless steel adapters that are made specifically for my bands. You just spent what, like $400-$800 for your new watch, you don’t want to trust it to just any old band, right?

My bands are one of a kind, and every detail, from the buckle to the bead, has not been ignored.